Bite-Size Brass

Tuba with a bite taken outDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, Bite-Size Brass was formed as a way for us to be able to keep on doing what we love, making music together, whilst following the social distancing rules being enforced legally at the time.

Bite-Size Brass was a collection of un-auditioned small ensembles in the Brass Society. This included brass quintets, sextets, a tuba ensemble and a trumpet sextet.

This section of the society was founded in 2020, when the coronavirus ‘rule of six’ restrictions were in place, to give our members a chance to continue getting involved in playing music at university, despite large ensembles not being allowed to rehearse.

This gave all of our members an opportunity to build confidence in their own playing and for most, provided an opportunity to challenge themselves in a small group environment, something many may never had experienced before.