Brass Society is a student run ensemble based at the University of Warwick. Our membership mainly consists of Warwick students, but we also welcome students from other local universities as well as members of the public. The aim of Brass Society is to create a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere where anyone can enjoy making music and develop their skills. As there is no Music degree at Warwick, every member of the society views their playing as a hobby rather than a course obligation. Despite this, the standard of music-making is very high, and there is a place for everyone, whether novice or virtuoso.

The society was founded in 1991 by student Sarah Sterne and originally consisted of a brass quartet. Since then, we have grown massively, and BrassSoc now contains four main ensembles, including a full-sized contesting brass band. These groups contribute heavily to the music scene at the university and the surrounding area, playing in a wide range of concerts and events throughout the year. The variety of performance opportunities offered to members means that Brass Society is one of the most inclusive and exciting societies on campus!

Of course, no university society would be complete without a busy social schedule, and BrassSoc is no exception. From post-rehearsal pub trips for karaoke to bowling and laser quest nights, there really is something for everyone. Arguably the highlight of the society’s social calendar is Pudding Social, in which members bake and cook a veritable smorgasbord of desserts, which are enjoyed alongside a classic brass-themed film. There are also a number of weekends away throughout the year for concerts and contests, as well as an end of year tour.

For more information, check out our Ensembles page, or contact us now!


We have recently been supported by Cantatio Publishing. Cantatio Publishing is a publishing company that excels in producing high quality compositions and arrangements for both Brass band and Wind band. The Brass Society is looking forward to playing arrangements from Cantatio over the coming years. To find out more about Cantatio follow this link.